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New York USA
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Hi, we are from New York, specialized in organic mushroom of high quality.

Our mushrooms are produced 100% locally in the United States, picked and packed in the morning, and then delivered by refrigerated trucks. There is no cold storage in the middle, and the delivery vehicles are disinfected every day.

Mushrooms are a good product for improving immunity. We provide quality mushrooms at a lower price than before the pandemic.

Thank you for your support, I hope our fresh and beautiful mushrooms bring you a good mood. I wish you all happy and safe!

Order Process:
  1. Choose the pick-up location and the quantity of mushrooms to submit WeForm;
  2. Follow the instruction to complete the online payment. After you submit the payment information/screenshot, pleas wait for the payment status update; If you need to modify the quantity, please return to this page to submit the modification. If the total price changes, you can repay the difference;
  3. Please check the WeChat QR code of the pickup group in the order confirmation information, and join the group to receive the pickup notice;
  4. After receiving the update of the pickup notice, print a receipt and go to the pickup location to pick up.

More Description

Please press or scan this QRcode to add friend and send message Mushroom to join WeChat group:

Pick Up station*
Detailed pickup address will be shown on the WeChat group notice after your join the WeChat group.如果您愿意在您的地区成立送货蘑菇站,请点击这里申请
Acton: Adams St,Acton (24signed up )
Lexington1: WoodparkCircle,Lexington,MA02421 (53signed up )
Lexington2: Douglas Rd, Lexington,MA (43signed up )
Newton: Woodcliff Road, Newton, MA 02461 (27signed up )
Westford:Sherburne Lane (9signed up )
Weston: RT 30/95 附近 (24signed up )
Westwood: Baylet St. (12signed up )
Woburn: Carlson Way Woburn 01801 (4signed up )
Framingham: Capri Drive, Framingham, MA 01701 (21signed up )
Southborough 等西镇: Marlboro Rd, Southborough MA 01772 (15signed up )


Pick Up Date*
多个日期订购, 请点击提交新微表
6月3日 周六 (232signed up )

(特价)原香黑苦荞茶 4瓶 (8.4oz/瓶)
苦荞主要生长在海拔3000米的四川大凉山,绿色天然,纯净无染。所含的生物类黄酮如芦丁(维生素P)和烟酸(维生素P P)非常丰富。其中的黑苦荞产量极低,尤为珍贵。黑苦荞含有大量的可溶性膳食纤维被民间称为“净肠草”。亦可杀菌消炎,有“消炎粮食”的美称。 当地农户采摘新鲜的苦荞,通过5次精工筛选,漂洗、浸泡、风干等10道工艺。加工时,苦荞茶保留了带胚芽的荞麦,麦粒香味被炒制出来,已无一丝苦味,入口满是清甜,整个过程也没有其它添加剂。 日本人平均寿命连续20多年世界第一,整个日本的肥胖率还不到4%,苦荞茶就是他们的秘诀之一。 $30.00 You Save: $3.00 (10%)

Sold 5
以色列Orri 蜜橘:以其独特的滋味和均衡的甜美而闻名,独特的甜味对每咬一口多汁的柑橘带来的充满活力的体验总嫌不够。– 极为多汁、易于剥皮、每粒橘子均无籽或仅几颗籽是蜜橘的独特优势。 $140.00 You Save: $15.00 (11%)

Sold 1
以色列Orri 蜜橘:以其独特的滋味和均衡的甜美而闻名,独特的甜味对每咬一口多汁的柑橘带来的充满活力的体验总嫌不够。– 极为多汁、易于剥皮、每粒橘子均无籽或仅几颗籽是蜜橘的独特优势。 $32.00 You Save: $4.00 (13%)

Sold 12
有机糖炒栗子 5包 1磅/包
小巷口有机糖炒栗子 正宗的燕山板栗,市面上很难买到。 北纬40°燕山山脉有机栽培的良乡板栗,用古法粗砂及糖稀反复翻炒而成。产地现炒直送,完美保留了街头小巷口现炒的完美风味! 燕山地区板栗以皮薄,米黄,香糯著称,栗子普遍不会太大,但是满口香甜。解冻后就可以直接吃了,烤箱烤一下风味更佳。 $35.00 You Save: $3.00 (9%)

Sold 12
合时牌蚕豆 (Jumbo size) 4包
春季吃豆胜吃肉。蚕豆号称“补脑豆”带皮吃,营养更丰富,防老年痴呆,让大脑更年轻。合时牌大粒蚕豆,农场采摘,新鲜速冻直送。人工挑选Jumbo size, 粒粒饱满大颗,色泽鲜亮均匀,颗粒完整,营养丰富,可制作多款美食,推荐几款料理:青炒蚕豆、珍菌烩蚕豆、蚕豆炒蛋、葱油蚕豆

Sold 24
黄金瓜 10磅左右/盒
$32.00 You Save: $2.00 (6%)

Sold 2
枇杷 5磅
$44.00 You Save: $4.00 (9%)

Sold 26
佛罗里达大花生 5磅
$23.00 You Save: $3.00 (13%)

Sold 6
铁棍山药 5磅左右

(5星, 1点评)

Sold 21
五菇礼盒 5磅左右

山区农场鸭蛋 Jumbo (2打)
$21.00 You Save: $2.00 (10%)

Sold 10
山区农场乌鸡蛋 2打
$20.00 You Save: $2.00 (10%)
(5星, 1点评)

Sold 7
有机灰树花 3磅/箱

(5星, 2点评)

平菇菌棒 1个

香菇菌棒 1个

麻辣火箭鱿鱼 200-220克/包
$18.00 You Save: $2.00 (11%)

(真空)麻辣鲍鱼 4个/包
$25.00 You Save: $5.00 (20%)


FREE Pickup


Tips 小费

  • You will not be able to modify the pick-up point after the order deadline;
  • If your product is insufficient or for any other reasons, your agree to the merchant to cancel part or all of your order and get a refund
  • If The pick-up point you selected was canceled, and you agree that we will change to the nearest pick-up point
  • You agree to complete the online payment before the order deadline, and enter the pick-up WeChat group to track the pick-up information
  • Do not disclose your pick-up address to others
  • Sorry, fresh mushrooms cannot be sold again, so no refund。Please consume as soon as possible
  • WeForm only provides platform use and will not be responsible for any disputes between you and the merchant

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WeForm Ended: 5/31/23 05:00 EST
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板栗红薯 10磅左右 (特价)
本期销量: 11signed up
5星, 1点评
美丽.梦想 & .Beautiful Dream
5 Stars 3/26/2023
铁棍山药 5磅左右
本期销量: 21signed up
5星, 1点评
Grace Wei
铁棍山药非常好吃 入口即化 非常非常喜欢 已经回购了 3/4/2023
山区农场乌鸡蛋 2打
本期销量: 7signed up
5星, 1点评
蛋黄很黄,明显比有机鸡蛋强多了,吃到小时候的味道了。 5/29/2023
Shiitake 香菇 一箱 3磅/箱
本期销量: 22signed up
4.7星, 7点评
Guiling Su
最爱鲜香菇,超级新鲜,炒菜做汤都完美! 1/1/2023
高 淮
香菇还是很好的。我把点评平菇的放在香菇这里了,不知道怎么修改。对不起了。 1/13/2021
很新鲜!味道很好! 12/8/2020
Jing K
难得吃到这么新鲜的香菇!连我家挑食的孩子都爱上了它 10/28/2020
5 Stars 10/28/2020
Shu-Chun Chen
香菇品質不錯,有的很大朵,適合煮湯美味,切片炒菜也行,能存放的時間也比較久,所以推薦 10/27/2020
香菇烧鸡味道好极了 10/21/2020
平菇 3磅/箱
本期销量: 19signed up
5星, 9点评
平菇一如既往的新鲜,买过很多次了,全家老少都喜欢。 5/29/2023
5 Stars 1/9/2021
5 Stars 11/21/2020
5 Stars 11/5/2020
这蘑菇味道鲜美,可以煮汤,炒菜,烧烤等各种吃法! 11/4/2020
Shu-Chun Chen
平菇性價比很好!平菇新鮮也蠻大朵,味道甜,跟其他蔬菜一起炒美味! 10/30/2020
5 Stars 10/28/2020
5 Stars 10/21/2020
5 Stars 10/19/2020
Golden Oyster 黄平菇一箱 3磅/箱
本期销量: 3signed up
5星, 2点评
Shu-Chun Chen
黃平菇性價比也高!品質不錯,顏色好看,但炒菜後顏色就消失了! 10/30/2020
Good! 10/20/2020
有机灰树花 3磅/箱
5星, 2点评
Shu-Chun Chen
灰樹花菇營養價值高,菇的品質很好,買回來後,如果沒,但味道還是很不錯!有沖水過,炒菜時仍有原來的灰黑色 10/30/2020
鲜 10/22/2020
猴头菇 3磅/箱
本期销量: 2signed up
5星, 2点评
Shu-Chun Chen
猴頭菇營養價值也高,品質不錯,新鮮大朵,就是煮湯的時候會有點苦味, 10/30/2020
与牛肉一起烧汤吃,很好吃! 10/28/2020
杏鲍菇 (有机)3磅/箱
本期销量: 10signed up
5星, 1点评
Shu-Chun Chen
第一次買杏鮑菇,新鮮美味,顏色光澤好,炒菜煮湯皆宜!推薦! 1/26/2021
有机白玉菇 4盒 100克/盒
本期销量: 1signed up
5星, 1点评
5 Stars 5/23/2021
本期销量: 1signed up
3星, 1点评
Shu-Chun Chen
豬蹄滷味適中,吃起來不辣,膠質優,口感佳,顏色不深。 1/26/2021
Linda Yang
典型的新鲜东北油豆角个大却不老,肉汤熬上,实在下饭 7/6/2021
买过两次感觉都挺满意没有吃的坏的 6/19/2021
Angela Huang
非常新鮮 每一根都嫩嫩的 沒有黑色斑點 跟我自己種的一樣好吃 1/19/2022
5星, 3点评
Kanrong Yu
非常xian 12/17/2022
5 Stars 10/24/2020
5 Stars 10/22/2020
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