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New York USA
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Hi, we are from New York, specialized in organic mushroom of high quality.

Our mushrooms are produced 100% locally in the United States, picked and packed in the morning, and then delivered by refrigerated trucks. There is no cold storage in the middle, and the delivery vehicles are disinfected every day.

Mushrooms are a good product for improving immunity. We provide quality mushrooms at a lower price than before the pandemic.

Thank you for your support, I hope our fresh and beautiful mushrooms bring you a good mood. I wish you all happy and safe!

Order Process:
  1. Choose the pick-up location and the quantity of mushrooms to submit WeForm;
  2. Follow the instruction to complete the online payment. After you submit the payment information/screenshot, pleas wait for the payment status update; If you need to modify the quantity, please return to this page to submit the modification. If the total price changes, you can repay the difference;
  3. Please check the WeChat QR code of the pickup group in the order confirmation information, and join the group to receive the pickup notice;
  4. After receiving the update of the pickup notice, print a receipt and go to the pickup location to pick up.

More Description

Please press or scan this QRcode to add friend and send message Mushroom to join WeChat group:

Pick Up station*
Detailed pickup address will be shown on the WeChat group notice after your join the WeChat group.如果您愿意在您的地区成立送货蘑菇站,请点击这里申请
Acton: Adams St,Acton (30signed up )
Belmont: Horace Rd (3signed up )
Lexington #2: Close to Hastings (20signed up )
West Roxbury: Cheriton Rd (11signed up )
Westford:Sherburne Lane (9signed up )
Weston: RT 30/95 附近
Westwood: Baylet St. (11signed up )

Pick Up Date*
多个日期订购, 请点击提交新微表
下一批取货时间待定 送Acton、Westford、Lexington (46signed up )
下一批取货时间待定 送Weston、Belmont 、WR、Westwood (16signed up )
月饼预订8月初到货, 具体到货时间待通知 (22signed up )