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AoPS / Beast Academy Math Group Order

AoPS / Beast Academy Math Group Order
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Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) publishes extinguished Math books from Grade 2 to high school.

Beast Academy books are for Grade 2 to 5. Each Grade has ABCD Guide and Practices (totally 8 books). The official website has free assessments and samples. You may print out for the kids to try. Most kids like the guide book in comics. You may check official FAQ.

AoPS books are for Grade 5 to 12 and are organized by subjects (totally 12 books).

Group Order Steps:
  1. Place WeForm order and complete online payment. We support self pick up in Boston area or USA media mail shipping;
  2. Share your link to your friends and enjoy group discounts as well as sharing bonus. We need place a minimum order to obtain group price.
  3. You will receive email notice to pick up books during your appointment time. Please follow our WeChat public account on the bottom if you have WeChat account.

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Beast 在线账户可以浏览所有Beast 2-5年级课程,视频和书籍,请购买前免费测试Demo

Beast Online Account 一年账户
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Beast Academy Grade 2-5 Math Books
Each grade has 4 guide books and 4 pratice books. Weighs about 7 lbs.

Grade 2 Full Set 2A-D Guide and Practice
$108.00 Save $18.01 (17%)
$89.99 3signed upSold Out
Grade 3 Full Set 3A-D Guide and Practice
$108.00 Save $18.01 (17%)
$89.99 9signed upSold Out
Grade 4 Full Set 4A-D Guide and Practice
$108.00 Save $18.01 (17%)
$89.99 9signed upSold Out
Grade 5 Full Set 5A-D Guide and Practice
$108.00 Save $18.01 (17%)
$89.99 8signed up Left 2

AoPS books for Grade 5 to 12

Including book and solution munual

Prealgebra w/ Solution
$65.00 Save $11.70 (18%)
$53.30 6signed upSold Out
Introduction to Algebra w/ Solution
$70.00 Save $12.60 (18%)
$57.40 8signed upSold Out
Introduction to Counting & Probability w/ Solution
$51.00 Save $9.18 (18%)
$41.82 13signed upSold Out
Introduction to Geometry w/ Solution
$69.00 Save $12.42 (18%)
$56.58 9signed upSold Out
Introduction to Number Theory w/ Solution
$56.00 Save $10.08 (18%)
$45.92 10signed upSold Out