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Pats Peak Ski Group Ticket

Pats Peak Ski Group Ticket
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686 Flanders Road
Henniker NH 03242
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Pats Peak is a famous skiing resort about 1.5 hours driving from Boston. WeForm.net provides season pass, lift, rental, lesson on most dates.

To Make Your Experience Better and Safer: Please learn more about Pats Peak safety procedures.

Order Step 1-2-3:
  1. Select ski date, time, item, and submit.
  2. Pay before the deadline and after payment completes, you can save the barcode to image or print the receipt.
  3. Bring your barcode to check-in at the rental shop, ticket window.

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Ski Date*
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02/05/23 Sun. (7signed up )
02/06/23 Mon. (1signed up )
02/07/23 Tues.
02/08/23 Wed.
02/09/23 Thur.
02/10/23 Fri.
02/11/23 Sat.
02/12/23 Sun.
02/13/23 Mon.
02/14/23 Tues.
02/15/23 Wed.
02/16/23 Thur.
02/17/23 Fri.
02/18/23 Sat. (4signed up )
02/19/23 Sun. (8signed up )
02/20/23 Mon. (4signed up )
02/21/23 Tues.
02/22/23 Wed.
02/23/23 Thur.
02/24/23 Fri.