CN-USA:How CN-USA Instant Delivery Robot Works?
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How CN-USA Instant Delivery Robot Works?

CN-USA Instant Delivery Robot uses PayPal's back-end Instant Payment Notification(IPN) system to process orders. When your PayPal account receives a payment, it will send the payment information to the IPN URL instantly*. You need turn on this PayPal feature and set up the notification URL address to CN-USA Robot. Please click here to find your unique Robot URL address.

When CN-USA Robot receives IPN notice, it will search your items and find the item whose name is exactly matched with your eBay item title. If your eBay item title doesn't match any item in CN-USA system, the Robot will fetch the description of the eBay listing and search for the CN-USA item label in format of <cn-usa_item_label=***>, *** is replaced with your CN-USA item label. If the Robot succussfully finds the CN-USA item label, it will then instantly send your item information to the buyer. Also a copy will be sent to you and a sale record will be generated in the sale history.

To ensure instant delivery, your eBay item title should be exactly the same as one of your CN-USA item names or your listing description contains CN-USA item label information(See above). If the Robot fails to find the item, you will receive a no delivery notice and the buyer will not receive any order email. No delivery fee will be charged in this case. You can click here to check if your ebay item is matched with one of your items.

Each item can associate with any quantity of item codes or item files. You can manage item codes in the item detail page. When a sale is generated, the item code will be taken out automatically. The Robot supports multi quantity sale and works well with eBay Dutch auction.

To sell your items on website, you can use CN-USA sale page(**, ** is your item label) or use the item direct pay link(**). Your paypal account will receive the payment and the order will be processed instantly. We suggest you turn on and set up your PayPal Payment Data Transfer function to instantly direct your buyers to the order processing page after purchase.

*The time between the payment and the IPN notification is usually seconds. But ocassionally, PayPal IPN system could be delayed to minutes or even hours without CN-USA's control. Please be patient when this happens and all paymnets will receive IPN eventually in the order of payment time.

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