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List Item on eBay or websites

You can list your items on eBay or website for Instant Delivery.

  • To sell items on eBay, please make sure your ebay item title is the same as your CN-USA item name or your ebay listing description includes the CN-USA item label information in the format of <cn-usa_item_label=***> *** is your CN-USA item label. The second method lets you change your ebay item title any way you like and don't need worry about the item matching problem. Please click here to check if your eBay item is matched with your item in CN-USA system.

    For some html editor, this format may be automatically deleted. You may use and put the above label information in the middle space.

  • To sell items on website, please use the CN-USA sale page link or PayPal/AliPay payment link to ask your buyers to pay. You can find these links on your item summary page.

    CN-USA sale page is like this:**, ** is your item label

    CN-USA item sale page is like this:** and ** is your item number. Also you can get different payment gateway link on your item summary page.
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