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92.WeForm.net 2017-07-31
WeForm Ended: 9/2/17 19:00 EST
Ohlone College
Gary Soren Smith Center
43600 Mission Blvd
Fremont CA 94539
GPS: 电话:415-672-2809,510-378-8496,408-505-3849
Total: 35 signed up

Drama “Where Am I”
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9/2 3:30pm | VIP Seat

Left 20
9/2 3:30pm | General Seat

Sold 24 Left 376
9/2 7:00pm | VIP Seat

Left 20
9/2 7:00pm | General Seat

Sold 11 Left 389

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WeForm Ended: 9/2/17 19:00 EST

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