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About WeForm

WeForm is a smart online form system to connect people. It could be used for event registration, e-commerce & survey etc. Integrated with social network such as WeChat and Facebook, WeForm is a powerful tool to collect user information and interact with billions of users.

WeForm have three basic advantages (S.O.S.) over traditional form such as Google Forms:
  • Smart - WeFom can recognize WeChat user or log in Facebook user without  interruption to provide a fast and smooth experience. For example, user can re-enter the same WeFom page to edit his previous response and resubmit without a special link.
  • Open - WeForm response data can be customized and open to the public in real time to provide a transparent user experience.
  • Social - WeForm is fully integrated with social platform such as WeChat and Facebook with billion of active users. It can be easily propagated within such social network. 
WeForm can be used in many areas such as:
  • Registration - No matter it's a small party, or a large conference, WeForm can let user sign up fast and easy. Payment options are supported.
  • Online Store - WeForm can be used in online ticket sale, group sale or retail, restaurant order etc. Online payment or offline payment can be integrated such as PayPal, Credit Card, check etc. 
  • Survey - WeForm can be used to cast a quick vote or survey to collect ideas. Response data analysis is supported.
WeForm has been successfully run on many cases such as: To get started, you may participate current WeForm events or create your own events. You may also use WeChat to scan the following QRcode to view our WeForm menus!