WeForm.net 2023 Fall/Winter Classes Registration(美东教育2023秋/冬季培训课程报名)
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2023 Fall/Winter Classes Registration(美东教育2023秋/冬季培训课程报名)
2023 Fall/Winter Classes Registration(美东教育2023秋/冬季培训课程报名)
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Lexington MA 02421
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Since EA Education has moved our office location to Lexington in 2018, we added many tutoring programs, which include reading comprehension,academic writing and writing competition,various math level tutoring,various AP classes ,especially SAT advanced class which aimed to provide short-term advanced training to students who are going to take tests soon. There were many students who got a big improvement on the SAT test, some even got full score 1600! We are also really proud that many students got accepted into top colleges and high schools through our help. Due to COVID-19, there have been many changes to our life and student’s academic life including changes of colleges’ admission requirements. In summer and fall of 2023, we will have more classes coming out!
美东教育咨询公司(EA Education)自从2018年把办公室扩展在Lexington后,增加了许多培训项目,包括英文阅读, 学术写作与写作比赛,不同水平的数学辅导,各类AP课程,特别开设SAT强化班,专门在每次考前为学生进行短期强化训练,帮助学生在短期内有突破性提高,并有学生取得满分的成绩。今年不少被名校录取的一些学生是我们美东教育的学生,特别开心能够帮助学生取得这些好成绩!虽然2020-2022年由于COVID19疫情的影响,改变很多我们的学习与生活, 包括大学录取的条件的变化. 2023年暑期及秋季会陆续推出更多的课程, 为大家服务!

In 2023,EA Education is offering SAT class, AP prep classes, literature and writing class, writing competition,public speaking and debate class, school application counseling services, etc. EA Education focuses on helping students improve their soft skills such as critical thinking skills, analysis skills, communication and presentation skills, and writing skills. We believe these classes would benefit students in these fields.

EA Education can also conduct customized or self-organized small classes including school application counseling services.

For specific course content and teacher introduction, please follow our Wechat Official Account or click on the link below:

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Registration term
2023 Fall (2023秋季)
2023 Winter (2023冬季)

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请选择课程(Please select course(s)):

  • SAT Critical Reading & Writing |Teacher: Sam K/Amy W
  • $988.00
    $1038, 8 times, each 2hrs
    SAT ADV 2023 Fall Friday night 6-8pm (09/08-10/27/23) 8 times
    Digital SAT 2023 Fall I Saturday 10-12pm (09/09-10/28/23) 8times
    SAT ADV 2023 Thanksgiving and Friday night 6-8pm (11/10, 11/17, 11/18, 11/19, 11/22, 11/24, 11/25, 11/26) 8 times
    Digital SAT 2024 Spring REG Saturday I 9-11pm (01/06-03/02/24, no class on 02/10)) 8times
    Digital SAT 2024 Spring REG Saturday II 9-11am (03/09-04/27/24) 8times
    Digital SAT 2024 Spring ADV Fri night I 6-8pm (01/05-03/01/23, no class on 02/09) 8 times
    Digital SAT 2024 Spring ADV Fri night II 6-8pm (03/15-05/03/23) 8 times

  • SAT Mock Test & Diagnostics-23 Thanksgiving special|Teacher: Sam/Amy/Esther
  • mock test time (3.5hours) and 1.5 hours Diagnose time (11/19,11/24,11/25, 11/26/23) 8:30-12pm mock test and 1-2pm Diagnose time for English and 2:00-2:30pm for math (Optional)
    1 time ($100/pp for 4↑ students) $100.00
    2 times ($200/pp for 4↑ students) $200.00
    3 times ($300/pp for 4↑ students) $300.00
    4 times ($400/pp for 4↑ students) $400.00

  • SAT Reading with Annotation |Teacher: Sam K/Amy W
  • SAT Reading class(SAT阅读 )
    1 to 1 or 2 to 1 Make a reservation (预约时间)

  • SAT Math |Teacher: Esther Z
  • Various rate based on group or private class
    1 to 1 or 2 to 1 Make a reservation (预约时间)

  • Academic Writing/Writing Competition Classes | Amy W
  • $1,275.00
    Various Writing Competitions, 1.5hrs/week, 15 weeks, $1350
    HS Writing Contest 2023 Fall I Saturday 2:30-4pm (for old students) (09/09-12/23)
    HS Reading/Writing Contest 2023 Fall II Saturday 5:30-6:30pm (9/9-12/23/23) (for old students)
    HS Academic Writing 2023 Fall Thursday 6:30-8pm (09/14-12/28, no class on 11/23)(Sam)

  • TOEFL Summer | Ruby L
  • $800.00
    Fee $850: Group, 10 class, each time 1.5hrs, total15 hrs (Different rate on private)
    1 to 1 or 2 to 1 Individual or small class Make a reservation (预约时间)

  • Reading/Writing (Grade4-6) |Teacher: Amy W
  • $750.00
    $800, 15classes, each 1hr
    Reading/Writing 4th grade Monday 6:15-7:15pm (09/11-12/18/23)
    Reading/Writing 5th grade Friday 1-2pm (09/08-12/22/23, no class on 11/24)
    1 to 1 or 2 to 1 Individual or small class Make a reservation (预约时间)

  • Reading/Writing (Grade6-8) |Teacher: Amy W
  • $1,050.00
    $1125, 15 times, each1.5hrs
    Reading/Writing 7/8th grade Friday 4-5:30pm (09/8-12/22/23, No class on 11/24)
    Reading/Writing 7/8th grade Friday 7-8:30pm (09/8-12/22/23, No class on 11/24)
    1 to 1 or 2 to 1 Individual or small class Make a reservation (预约时间)

  • Reading/Writing (Grade8-10) |Teacher: Amy W
  • $2,050.00
    $2250, 30classes, each1.5hrs, total 45 hours
    Reading/Writing 9/10th grade Mon & Wed 4-5:30pm (09/6-12/20/23, No class on 11/22)
    1 to 1 or 2 to 1 Individual or small class Make a reservation (预约时间)

  • Reading/Writing (Grade9-11) |Teacher: Amy W
  • $1,050.00
    $1125,15times, each 1.5hrs
    Reading/Writing 9th grade Saturday 4-5:30pm (09/9-12/23/23, No class on 11/25)
    Reading/Writing 10th grade Saturday 9-10:30am (09/9-12/23/23, No class on 11/25)
    1 to 1 or 2 to 1 Individual or small class Make a reservation (预约时间)

  • Special Debate and Public Speaking Classes |Teacher: Ruth Z
  • $470.00
    10 classes, each 1hr
    (Small Class) 10 times Make a reservation (预约时间)


    1 to 1 or 2 to 1 Individual or small class Make a reservation (预约时间)


  • AP Classes
  • $1,275.00
    $1350, 15 classes, each class 1.5hours
    AP Literature and composition (AP 英语文学与写作):Saturday 1-2:30pm 15 classes (1/6-4/27/24, no class on 2/10, 3/9)
    AP English Language and Composition (AP 英语语言与写作): Saturday 2:30-4pm 15 classes (1/6-4/27/24, no class on 2/10, 3/9)
    AP Psycology (AP心理学): 21 classes Thanksgiving 10:30-12pm 6 classes(11/19-11/22/23 and 11/24-11/25/23) and Spring Saturday 11-12:30pm 15 classes (1/6-4/27/24, no class on 2/10, 3/9) $1750

    School Application 升学

  • School Application Consultation (K-Graduate)
  • Fee: Various rate based on private or group
    Make a reservation (预约时间) (First half hour free)

  • Interview (面试)
  • Fee: Various rate based on private or group
    Make a reservation (预约时间)

  • Essay (文书指导)
  • Fee: Various rate based on private or group
    Make a reservation (预约时间)

  • Intern (实习)和背景提升
  • Fee: Various rate based on private or group
    Make a reservation (预约时间)

    Other Standerized Test pre 各种考试辅导

    Make a reservation (预约时间)

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    To better serve you, we offer free consultation (half an hour), free English proficiency assessment (30-45 minutes), free SAT/ACT/SSAT/TOEFL test (3 hours or more)
    Feel free to contact us (如有需要, 请随时联系美东教育):
    Phone(电话): 781-860-3799
    Address(地址):430 Marrett Rd., 2nd Floor, Lexington, MA 02421
    感兴趣的请加微信进我们服务群,讲座群,演说和辩论群或SAT/ACT群, 暑期课程群。

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