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2024CAAL.WeForm.net 2024-01-20
WeForm Ended: 1/21/24 12:00 EST
Lexington High School
251 Waltham St
Lexington MA 02421
Total: 93 signed up


5:00pm-7:00pm 庙会(美食,中国传统文化艺术等)
7:00pm-9:00pm 大型文艺演出

地点:Lexington High School
251 Waltham St, Lexington, MA 02421

Program Team

Backdrop(Chair:Yifang) 1/20 12-2pm Adult
1/20 12-2pm 在LHS礼堂现场安装,需力气大,动手能力强的大人

Sold 6 Sold Out mingjun Zhan
Jian Deng
Weidong Wang
Yifang Gong (3)
Dragon set up(Chair:Weidong)14:00-16:00 assemble
Go to bring dragon from CAAL's shed,assemble

Sold 2 Sold Out Weidong Wang
Tong Kang
Callers for Rehearsal & Performance(Chair:Yanling Zhang) 14:00-21:00
彩排与演出环节 Callers for Rehearsal & Performance (要求:彩排&演出是同一批人)

Sold 7 Sold Out Yuanyuan Qi
Ping Zhao
Xiaozhen Fei
Amelie Zhang
xi sun (2) .....
Stage crews for Rehearsal & Performance(Chair:Julie Wang) 14:00-21:00
彩排与演出环节 Stage Crews for Rehearsal & Performance (希望彩排&演出是同一批人)

Sold 8 Sold Out Xiaozhen Fei (2)
Jian Deng
Yantao Wang
Gemma Fu
Michael Feng .....
Spot Lights 14:00-21:00
Rehearsal & Performance (希望彩排&演出是同一批人)

Sold 2 Sold Out Jianyu Zeng
Zhong Liu
Setup Team

现场布置(Chair:Xuanxuan Wu/Yifang Gong)14:00-16:30

Sold 12 Sold Out mingjun Zhan
Tong Kang
Abbigail Wu
Lihao Chen
Hairong Lu .....
分场摆放(Chair:Wendy /Yifang)14:00-16:30
入门签到处 Hallway(2500赞助商)Set up all tables for check in; Common I(food table,有可能会加上sponsor tables); Common II(庙会 1000赞助商 );(Order 几张红色的台布),需大人和青少年义工

Sold 8 Sold Out Jianing Liu (3)
Yi Wang
Li Zhang
Huimin wu
Hailing Zhang .....
Signage and Prorgam QR Code(Chair:Hairong Lu)14:00-16:30
打印各种signs 和张贴

Sold 1 Sold Out Yuanyuan Qi

义工签到(Chair:Wendy Qin/Judy Cai/Judy Qiao)14:00-16:30
义工分组签到并任务分配 (Green wristband, food ticket)

Sold 4 Sold Out Yuanyuan Qi
Candy Nie
Joyce Zi An Chen
义工签到(Chair:Wendy Qin/Judy Cai/Judy Qiao)16:30-19:00
义工分组签到并任务分配 (Green wristband, food ticket)

Sold 4 Sold Out Gemma Fu
李志华 (2)
Ning Sun
演员签到(Chair:Wendy Qin/Judy Cai/Judy Qiao)14:00-20:30
演员签到(288人)并带到指定的演员化妆地点; (Orange wristband, food ticket)

Sold 5 Sold Out Phoebe Tian
Cathy Yang
Hailing Zhang
Judy Qiao
VIP签到(Chair:Melanie)17:00-19:15 Adult
VIP签到(Table B) (red wristband)

Sold 1 Sold Out Emily Wang
赞助商签到(Chair:Jessie Chen)16:00-17:30 Adult
赞助商签到(约50人)(Table B) (red wristband, food ticket)

Sold 2 Sold Out Yuanyuan Qi
Anna Li
庙会艺术家签到(Chair:Jessica Meng)16:00-17:00
(red wristband, food ticket)

Sold 1 Sold Out Jianing Liu
美食摊签到(Chair:Hailing Zhang)16:00-17:00
Common I (red wristband)

Sold 1 Sold Out Jianing Liu
观众签到(Chair:Wendy Qin/Judy Cai/Judy Qiao)16:30-19:00
观众签到(分三组)(网票与纸票) (blue wristband )

Sold 6 Sold Out Jenny
Jianing Liu
Juliet (2)
Xiumei Wu
Yunyan Lin

入口将vip指引入剧场 1人 现场内部vip引位 2人

Sold 2 Sold Out Lisa Li (2)
Usher 观众座位指引(Chair:Wendy Qin/Zheng Ye)18:00-20:00
一楼总共4个门,每个门2人 (告知演员和义工,请至二楼观演)

Sold 12 Sold Out Michael zhang

Mo Yang
Joanna .....
Food Coordination

义工食物分发(Chair:Hairong Lu/Hongxiang Wang)17:00-18:30

Sold 4 Sold Out Joyce Zi An Chen
Hongxiang wang
Ning Sun
Joy Zheng
演员食物分发(Chair:Hairong Lu/Hongxiang Wang)17:00-18:30

Sold 4 Sold Out 顾晓洁
Hongxiang wang
木易 (2)

美食摊总协调 (Chair:Hailing Zhang)16:30-19:30
(Common I,大家可以购买食物吃)

Sold 2 Sold Out Hailing Zhang
Jie Lu
Paper Cut-剪纸台(Anne Zhang)(Chair:丫丫)16:30-19:30 Youth

Sold 3 Sold Out Selina Lin
jinling zhao
Lingtong Zhang
泥人-梁炳润(Lead:Emily Zhang/Anna)16:30-19:30 Youth

Sold 1 Sold Out Yuanyuan Qi
书法-程峻宇(Lead:Ling Liu)16:30-19:30 Youth

Sold 1 Sold Out Maxwell Sun
茶艺-茶博士张兴才(Lead:Elizabeth Xu)16:30-19:30 Youth

Sold 2 Sold Out Ying Zhang
Candy Nie
十二生肖文化展台(Lead:Yong Wang)16:30-19:30 Youth

Sold 2 Sold Out Maxwell Sun
工艺品义卖(Lead:Annie)16:30-19:30 Youth

Sold 2 Sold Out Jessica Meng (2)
抖空竹- Leo Shi(Lead:Yan Xu)16:30-19:30 Youth

Sold 1 Left 1 史培培
陈老师学生画展(Chair:Ms. Chia-Pei Chen and Ms. Chun-Wen Cheng)16:30-19:30 students

Sold 11 Sold Out Chia-Pei Chen (11)
Crowl Control

ensure traffic flows(Chair:Lawrence/Yifang)16:30-20:30

Sold 2 Left 1 Xuemin Kong
Mengchen Wang
door control(Chair:Lawrence/Yifang)16:30-20:30
交通人员流动管理,door control:common 1 2,高中侧门direct to front registration table

Sold 1 Left 7 mingjun Zhan

剧场进出口派发红包(Chair:Vivian youth leader) 21:00-21:30

Sold 8 Sold Out mingjun Zhan
Xiumei Wu
Yuanyuan Qi (2)
Hailing Zhang .....

Photographer 14:00-16:30

Sold 2 Sold Out Yiyun Huang
Raymond Xu
Photographer 16:30-19:00

Sold 2 Sold Out Nancy Nie
Tong Lin
Photographer 19:00-21:30

Sold 4 Sold Out Zichen Wang
Benjiamin Cheung
Ding Di
John Zhao
Videographer 19:00-21:30
胡洪良(全场及每个完整节目剪辑) 花絮:演出及其他重点花絮)

Left 2
Video News Report (Chair:Lu Lai)17:00-21:30

Sold 2 Sold Out Lu Lai (2)

义工管理(Chair:Wendy Qin/Judy Qiao)17:00-19:30

Sold 4 Sold Out 李燕
Guangyu 一 AWS
Qian Zhu
Mengchen Wang

清场(Chair:Hua Wang)21:00-22:00

Sold 6 Left 4 Xiumei Wu
Wendy Qin
Judy Qiao
Xiaohong Liu .....

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