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Get Started Now -- it's easy and fast!

It's easy and fast to get CN-USA Robot work for you in just a few minutes. Please check the following steps and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

1.Sign Up CN-USA Account
It's FREE to sign up a CN-USA account in seconds. If you don't have PayPal account yet, please sign up now to accept credit cards worldwide.

2.Set Up PayPal IPN URL
Turn on your PayPal IPN feature and set your IPN URL to your unique Robot address. You can use this address for any PayPal accounts you may have.

3. Add Items To CN-USA System
You can modify your sample item to get a quick start or add your new item. Each item may have many item codes associated with. Use the Manage Item Codes on the item summary page or item details page and follow the instruction to manage the codes for each item. Another advanced option is to use CSV file exported by eBay FREE listing tool Turbo Lister or CN-USA formatted CSV file(you can use the export item function to get a sample file) to upload bulk items at one time.Click here to learn more.

4.List your item and Enjoy your Robot!
List your items on eBay or websites for sale. The Robot will work for you 24*7 even while you are sleeping! You can view your sale history and money history anytime. In addition to receiving order email, your buyers can check their orders themselves at eBay order search page. Please also check your PayPal email for your order copies and Robot's reminding messages.
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